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Eats365 Optional Modules


  • Direct Customization on Your Tablet

    • Customize and Manage Your Operation in One Place

  • Intuitive Table Management

  • Integrated Queuing System

  • Flexible Menu Design

    • Combos, Single and Multi-Selectable Modifiers

  • Customizable Menu Keys

    • Layout, Photo, Color, Font Size and Short Name

  • Multi-Language Support

    • 8 Menu Languages and 3 App Languages

  • Dual Language Printing Support

  • Multilayer Fraud Prevention

  • Users and Security Groups Management

  • Fully Operable while Offline

  • Control Center for All Eats365 Modules

Queue Ticket Kiosk

  • Free up Your Staff

    • Let Your Guests Get in Line on Their Own

  • Get Real Time Queue Status

    • Via QRCode on Queue Ticket

  • Displays and Announces Serving Tickets

  • Fully Integrated with Eats365 POS

    • Simple and Efficient Ticket Management


  • Quick Table-side Order Entry

    • No More Writing and Running to the POS Again

  • Manage Orders at Your Fingertip

    • View Details, Hold, Fire and Await Items

  • Fully Integrated with Eats365 POS

    • Simple and Secure Access


  • Multi Usage Digital Signage

    • Queuing Status, Order Pickup, Kitchen displays

  • Kitchen Display

    • Track Fulfillment Times and Streamline Workflows

  • Queue Status Display

    • Displays Queue Status and Calls Guest Now Serving

  • Promote Your Products

    • Displays Promotional Products with Ease

  • Fully Integrated with Eats365 POS

    • Integrates Order Processing and Information Display

Photo Menu

  • Trendy and Intuitive Design

    • Increase Revenue with an Attractive Photo Menu

  • Operates in Stationary or Mobile Modes

    • Mount it to a Table or Hand It Out Just Like a Menu

  • Automatic or Assisted Order Processing

  • Automated Custom Menus

    • Switch between Available Menus Automatically

  • Always Current

    • Save Money, Never Have to Print Another Menu Again

  • Multi-Language Support

    • 8 Menu Languages and 6 App Languages

  • Fully Integrated with Eats365 POS

    • Simplifies Menu Management

User App

  • Empower Your Guests

    • Let Guests Place Orders with Their Own Smartphone

  • Automatic or Assisted Order Processing

  • Direct Promotion

    • Push Notifies Your VIP of Your Promotions

  • Let Guests Queue up in Advance

    • Efficiently Manage Peak Hours with Ease

  • Auto Notifications

    • Push Notify Your Guests of Queue & Order Statuses

  • Fully Integrated with Eats365 POS

    • Enhances Order Processing and Workflows