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SynergyPOS have all the features you want and need for day to day business operation, including those that you don’t even know you need it.


  • Snap photo instantly and become your product thumbnail         

  • Split/Merge table and bills

  • Daily/Monthly sales and collection reports

  • Reports generated in HTML and email directly from the system

  • Customizable rounding, adjustment tax and charges

  • Shortcuts to customize favorite items

  • Print to multiple bars & kitchen printers

  • Product ranking report

  • Multiple-User with individual privilege settings


Managing Your F&B Outlet
Understand Your Customers


We focus on making it powerful, simple, affordable, and user-friendly.  We take away the bells and whistles and keep things simplified, yet beautifully designed.  And the best part is, there is no server or PC needed, it is fully standalone -- everything runs in your iPad.


Get your 14-day trial full features. No credit card required

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